Who is CompassionWV?

The best educators. The best advocates.

CompassionWV is a West Virginia-based initiative with the mission to educate other West Virginians about the positive benefits of medical cannabis:

  • To WV patients who are suffering debilitating diseases that do not respond to the treatments offered by traditional medicine.
  • To stem the tide of WV overdose deaths related to opiate addiction.
  • To revitalize the WV economy through sensible regulation of medical cannabis, job creation, and taxation of a new industry.

Founded by Rev. Mary Nichols in 2016, our goal is to be the premier patient advocacy organization in West Virginia. Mary has personal experience as a chronic pain sufferer who has been through the difficult and disappointing pain management system. Where conventional medicine has failed and even created an addiction problem in West Virginia, medical cannabis has the potential to reduce opiate overdose deaths and bring profound change to the lives of those who suffer from pain, PTSD, seizure disorders, multiple sclerosis, and numerous other conditions.


We believe that change can be accomplished by bringing the focus of the discussion about medical cannabis reform to stories of WV patients.  


Our dynamic team intends to be the best source of information about the constantly changing world of medical cannabis research. CompassionWV will be the premier source for information about medical cannabis in West Virginia and beyond.

Strategic Partnerships

CompassionWV intends to forge strategic partnerships with other grassroots advocacy organizations in order to leverage our combined resources and expertise.